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New App Release [v1.1.0] + Push Notifications

Safe Chef Push Notifications Feature

We're excited to announce our new update! This one is especially Spicy!

In this update we have made some major changes to our web platform, as well as the Mobile app.

One of the biggest features we added are Push Notifications. These are curently only sent in case the branch has incomplete checks. Notifications are sent at 11:15 and 21:00.

Feel free to look for new features on the device and web platform by yourselves, but if you want a more detailed look then continue reading :)

List of features and changes

Web Platform:

We fixed some grammar issues, thanks to some of our observant users (Thank you, you guys are great!)

- Untracked Checks can now have Notes

- We now use a 3rd party resource to lookup Addresses for a better and faster Company and Branch creation

- As requested by some users, you can now Remove your FSA Rating stats from the page and you can also Refresh them at any point

- Branch Cover images are now being uploaded to a secure resource. Unfortunately this means that you will have to re-upload your branch covers but, in the same time, it means we will be able to provide those images much faster and have a backup for them.

- As an administrator or Branch Manager, you are now able to toggle Push Notifications for your users

- We fixed the issue with invitations, where it would show invitations you sent personally instead of the ones that are tied to the branch. You can also now see who exactly sent the invitations.

- Squished some minor bugs and made the pages more responsive.


Mobile App:

Untracked Checks submissions now gracefully handle the errors

- FSA Rating can now be seen on the main dashboard

- Introducing Push Notifications for your daily checks (We have much bigger plans for this feature down the line)

- Push Notifications can be toggled in your User Profile Screen

- Better UI: all screens are now more responsive to screen rotation

- Minor optimisation and bug fixes


As always, thank you for your support and we hope our new features are to your liking!


Stay Safe! :)