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SafeChef Referral System

SafeChef now let's you refer your friends to sign-up with our platform. Every Branch within a Company now has a unique referral code which can be used by a referral when creating a new Subscription for their Branch. This system will reward the referral Branch and the referree Branch with a £5 discount off their next invoice - it's a Win-Win!

To read more about how this works just continue reading.

Every Branch with an Active Subscription now has a separate section for their Credit Stats and History within the Subscription menu in their Branch Dashboard. 

Here you can find the Current Balance of the Branch, which is the amount of credit the Branch is entitled to and it is the amount that will be discounted on the next invoice.

The Branch Referral Code is the code which can be shared with others in order to get the aforementioned credits. In addition, this section will show any credits that have been added to the branch either by any promotions or directly from our platform administrators.


We hope you will like this new addition to our platform's functionality and, as always, we are open to any feedback - just send us a message via Live Chat or send us an email.


Stay Safe!