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SafeChef Referral System

SafeChef now let's you refer your friends to sign-up with our platform. Every Branch within a Company now has a unique referral code which can be used by a referral when creating a new Subscription for their Branch. This system will reward the referral Branch and the referree Branch with a £5 discount off their next invoice - it's a Win-Win!

To read more about how this works just continue reading.

All your contacts in one place

SafeChef Contact Lists Feature

Today we've added a new feature to our Web and Mobile Platforms - The Contact Lists.

You can now easily keep all your vital contacts in one place. You can choose to store your added to contacts under these categories for better management:

- Branch Staff: Here you will find your current SafeChef registered users and newly added contacts which are not registered with SafeChef.

- Suppliers: List of suppliers that you frequently use

- Contractors: List of contractors that you frequently use

- Others: Any other contacts that do not fit the earlier categories


Only managers and administrators are able to modify or remove contacts, for all other users this feature is read-only.


Keep Safe!

SafeChef is now GDPR Compliant

SafeChef is now GDPR compliant

Here at SafeChef we take your privacy seriously, we never share your information with anyone and we do our best to protect our servers from data breaches. We are now taking it a step further in order to comply with GDPR.


What is GDPR?

By now, you most probably heard at least someone mentioning GDPR at some point. It represents a big set of changes in the way any personal information is handled, processed or stored. Companies are obliged to comply with this set of rules starting with the 25th of May, 2018. You can find more information about this by following this link.


How am I affected?

The information you provide on our platform will remain unaffected, we will still provide the best security we can. The biggest change is the way we are allowed to contact you. GDPR restricts us from contacting you if we do not have your explicit consent to do so.


If you are a subscribed member of SafeChef then please keep on reading, there are some options you should probably change in your Profile.

Shop is finally Open!

SafeChef Shop is Open

We've talked about it and it's finally here! Our online shop for all your kitchen Needs!

We teamed up with a number of suppliers in order to bring our subscribers the best prices on Kitchen Equipment items. All the items you will find in our online brochures are sold with a 20% discounted price. This offer is only available to customers with current running subscriptions. If you are not a subscriber yet, then make sure to subscribe right now! (Although we do offer a 5% discount even if you are just a guest here).

There is currently only one brochure available but we will be adding more soon so be on the lookout!

If you are curious about how it works, then just head to the Shop Page and take a look for yourself!


As always, Keep Safe!

New Design and Changes

New SafeChef Logo

February comes with a brand new design and branding, with some more features and faster operations!

The short version is:

- We made design changes to the most part of the web platform

- Major changes to how Allergens work

- Changes coming soon!


If you are interested in any of the topics above then read on! :)

A reason to be Jolly!

Safe Methods and Staff Training

It is indeed a Happy Jolly season and not just for the eggnog, Santa Claus or the Christmas Carols you can hear in the distance. We are releasing our final Big Update for this year and are getting ready for a full release on the 1st of January 2018.

This is, of course, not the end of our major updates, this is just the beginning, we will start again in full force in 2018.

Currently, the state of the platform and our mobile apps look exactly as we envisioned them when it all started. We have implemented the User Manager, Daily Checks, Weekly Records, Monthly Reviews, Allergens, the Help Center plus a handful of functionalities around those modules. Today, we finally announce the Safe Methods and Staff Training Modules. All these modules are now enough to safely manage the basic aspect and a little more of your commercial kitchen.

Continue reading if you want to know more details about these modules and how they work, otherwise dive right in and check them out for yourself.


Help Centre is on its way!

Safe Chef Help Centre

Our most recent news evolved mostly around our Companion App updates, this time though, we have some news around our new module - the Help Centre.

The Help Centre is going to be a helper module for all our clients, this is the go-to place when something is missing, not looking right or you just have a questions and need answers fast.

The Help Centre button can be found to the left of the Navigation label on any of the members pages and it looks like this:

Help Centre button

 For now the help centre only offers the links to our companion apps. However, we are soon going to release fresh content for it, first in line are the FAQ section, Video Tutorials and a Feedback System.

Things are moving fast here at Safe Chef and we are very excited to constantly share them with you!

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive our updates instantly!

Remember to Register with Safe Chef before the New Year to get the most from our Extended Trial Offer.

As always - Keep Safe, Chef!


FSA News Feed now on Safe Chef

Safe Chef FSA News Feed

Due to a big number of requests from our clients, after implementing the FSA Rating system, we were also asked to implement the FSA News Feed, which will prove useful to Chefs everywhere when they want to easily access Food Allergy Alerts and Food Withdrawal Alerts.

We hope you will be pleased with the new implementation, we have many more awesome updates coming up in the nearest future so stay tuned!


New App Release [v1.1.0] + Push Notifications

Safe Chef Push Notifications Feature

We're excited to announce our new update! This one is especially Spicy!

In this update we have made some major changes to our web platform, as well as the Mobile app.

One of the biggest features we added are Push Notifications. These are curently only sent in case the branch has incomplete checks. Notifications are sent at 11:15 and 21:00.

Feel free to look for new features on the device and web platform by yourselves, but if you want a more detailed look then continue reading :)

FSA Ratings for you Branch

Safe Chef FSA ratings

You can now easily get data about your branch from FSA directly into our platform!

Read more to understand how it is done.

Getting ready for 2018

Restaurant and Bar Tech at Excel London 2018

While the stores around the country are getting ready for Christmas, we are working hard on being ready for 2018. And we're not talking just about the new features and awesome goodies we have prepared for our awesome chefs!

One of the highlights for our next year will be our stand at the Restaurant and Bar Tech event, which will take place on the 25th and 26th of September 2018.

We are very excited to participate at such a big event! We're sure we'll be bigger and much wiser until then and we'll have so much more to show you.

For now though, if you are interested in the event - contact us and we can get you Free Invitations to come and join us; you will also be able to see all the other presenters there of course, and, given that it is such a big event - there will be plenty to see.

You can check out our entry for the event and everything else on the event website.

We hope to see you there!

Stay Safe! :)

New App Release [v1.0.2]

Boy have we got a treat for you!

We've updated our app so make sure to visit your relevant app store for a quick update

Android | iOS

This release is a minor update, this is what has changed: 

  • Minor bug fixes (nobody likes those!)
  • Much better error handling - you should stop seeing indefinetely loading animations, any errors that can happen will now be displayed on your screen so you will know exactly what went wrong
  • Speaking of "What went wrong" - the "What went wrong" message can now be much bigger than just 255 characters
  • You might have noticed some cut-offs on the Allergens screen, well... now they're history! And the screen looks much nicer too! :)
  • Daily Checks screen now fully extends in any orientation
  • The list of Daily Checks also shows the amount of remaining checks to complete in the current period
  • We've optimised the app some more, your experience with it should be much smoother from now on 

That's it for now!

If you haven't registered yet, be sure to do so if you want to get a free trial until the 1st of February, 2018

Also remember to like us on Facebook and Share it with the world! :)

Hello World!

Welcome from Safe Chef!

Hello everyone and welcome! 

We finally got ourselves a fresh and shiny News Feed!

We will post here updates on platform upgrades, app changes, events and all sorts of other goodies, so be sure to come by here often!

As you may already know, we are here to revolutionise the way a commercial kitchen is being managed, check out our other pages to get an idea of how the platform works, then head over and register with us. We still offer a free trial until the 1st of February so there is no reason not to register right now!

You are also welcome to join us on our social profiles: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Make sure to spread the word to all your friends, the more we are - the bigger our family!

We are very excited for the future and want to share it with you!