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Welcome to Safe Chef

A helping hand for a modern kitchen

Designed by Chefs, for Chefs

SafeChef is a Web and Mobile platform designed for the hospitality sector. Our platform helps you manage, streamline and track your day to day tasks in a commercial kitchen including, but not limited to: Health and Safety, HACCP and Safer Food Better Business pack.
Save time and money, keep your staff stress-free and let the Chefs focus on cooking.

What our platform offers

Daily Checks
Complete Checks
View Progress
Create and customise your Daily Checks using the web platform.
Input your Daily Checks values using the web platform and/or mobile apps.
Check your daily check progress live.
Weekly Records
View/Download Weekly Records for your Daily Checks.
Monthly Reviews
View/Download all things that went wrong during the month. Close and/or add notes to the review.
Customise and View/Download your allergens sheets.

Why use SafeChef?

You will be able to:

  • Easily comply with food hygiene regulations
  • Instantly access your own process of making food safely
  • Train your staff and easily keep training records
  • Protect your business' reputation
  • Improve your business by wasting less food
  • Improve your food hygiene rating score
  • Spend less on office supplies and filing cabinets space
  • Digitalise your records
  • Improve workplace efficiency

We have you covered on most popular devices!

Our system is currently available on iOS, Android and through our Web Platform.

Our Prices

Safe Chef offers a subscription-based service.
per Month
Best Offer
per Year
All subscription options include
Free 30 days trial
Cancel anytime, no strings attached
Complete access to all features
Access to all upcoming features and updates
Anytime support through our Live Chat or Email

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